(구글)3D 오디오를 전달하는 새 기술인 Omnitone을 발표

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구글이 온라인상으로 3D 오디오를 전달하는 새 기술인 Omnitone을 발표했습니다. Ambisonics라는 오디오 공간화 기법을 사용해, 8개의 가상 스피커와 VR헤드셋이나 스마트폰의 센서를 사용해 두 이어폰에 재생되는 소리의 종류와 볼륨을 계산한다고 합니다.



Google has published details of a new method of delivering sound over the web calledOmnitone. When viewing a 360 video is supposed to be a different experience , how can the sound be like watching it on a flat screen. While viewing the content in Virtual Environment viewers need something more.


They have introduced an audio spatialization technique called ambisonics so the user can hear the full-sphere surround sound on the browser. They have implemented the ambisonic decoding with binaural rendering using web technology.


You need ambisonics to simulate a full sphere of sound around you, giving sounds coordinates in 3D space and letting a renderer do the work of converting that coordinate into the appropriate sound waves.


The AmbiX format recording, which is the target of the Omnitone decoder, contains 4 channels of audio that are encoded using ambisonics, which can then be decoded into an arbitrary speaker setup. Instead of the actual speaker array, Omnitone uses 8 virtual speakers based on an the head-related transfer function (HRTF) convolution to render the final audio stream binaurally. This binaurally-rendered audio can convey a sense of space when it is heard through headphones.


The beauty of this mechanism lies in the sound-field rotation applied to the incoming spatial audio stream. The orientation sensor of a VR headset or a smartphone can be linked to Omnitone’s decoder to seamlessly rotate the entire sound field. The rest of the spatialization process will be handled automatically by Omnitone. A live demo can be found at the project landing page.The ambisonic sound stream about the location of the sound . Omnitone combines the location with the tracking data from the sensors. Hence wherever your head is moving the transformation is applied to the ambisonic stream and the whole audio sphere is shifted according to the user.

Then it moves towards the 8 speaker Virtual setup ( As shown in the image ) .It is then mixed down to stereo you’ve got passable streaming full-sphere surround sound using nothing but existing web components!
You can check the code here .


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